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beachy wavy hair tutorial

March 15, 2010

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throw away your shampoo…

September 25, 2009

I found this article on Jack and Hill Blog today “I Have Not Washed My Hair in Two Months“…crazy/dirty…I know. But I kept reading, I had to know what the article was about.

Quick summary:

She has curly/frizzy/just plain unruly hair {sound familiar–I suffer from the same hair!} and she decided to go cold turkey and stop shampooing her mane after skimming through a book called Curly Girl waiting in the lobby of her hairdresser’s salon. Instead Curly Girl suggests using a small amount of conditioner and massaging it into your roots to release any dirt and build up. Then condition as usual…{what?!?–I thought the same thing}. She said after no time at all her hair was looking better then ever, easy to handle and compliments were rolling in.

I was sold. I’m starting today, giving up the shampoo! I’ll let you know if this no-shampoo thing really works.

If anyone has ever tried this before let me know how it went for you or if think its a crazy idea???

{styling} hot rollers

August 24, 2009
Get hair like Gisele Bundchen

Get hair like Gisele Bundchen

Hot rollers are perfect for hair types, especially the ones who just don’t want to curl! They give your hair body and bounce galore!!

To make that sexy hair last all night put hot rollers throughout your whole head. Once in your hair, let them fully cool. Just before you take out the rollers spray your hair with your favorite hairspray, then take out the rollers.

Run your fingers through your hair to make the look appear more natural and head out on the town!

{hair flashback} Woodstock…

August 19, 2009
Woodstock revived | Boho hair

Woodstock revived | Boho hair

{how to} wavy beach hair

August 1, 2009

Create those beachy wavys all the celebrities are rocking this summer. Start with dry, clean hair. Separate the bottom half of your hair from the top layer, securing the top layer out of the way. Curling your hair becomes more manageable with out all the hair in the way.

Begin curling two inch square sections by wrappig the hair around the curling iron. Don’t clamp the hair down, just wrap each section around the barrel leaving the ends free to hold. By not curling the ends of the hair, it gives it a more relaxed casual feel like you just left the beach. Repeat the same curling technique to the middle layer of your hair. Once you have finished the bottom and the middle layers of hair release the top layer and you’re done!!! Simple! Now you have the sexy beach hair all the stars are loving. To enhance your beachy wave look, try a salt-infused spray like Bumble and Bumle Surf Spray (

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

Bumble and Bumble Surf Spray

{how to} sexy hair trends for fall 2009

July 29, 2009

1. flowing & effortless.


Blake Lively

Blake Lively

This fall hairstyle is the ideal for all hair textures and lengths. Only four simple (and pretty much effortless) steps will create this style at home.

Immediately after showering generously apply a palm full of moose to create body and enhance your hair’s natural texture. Avoid the temptation to brush your hair.

Next step is towel drying your hair to absorb a majority of the water.

The second to last step to create this flowing and effortless look is to diffuse your tresses. Turn the diffuser so it is facing the ceiling and gently place a chunk of your hair on top of the diffuser. Wait about three to five minutes for each chunk to fully dry before moving onto the next section.

Finally finish off your hair with a shine spray to give your hair a youthful and sophisticated look. (Try Bumble and Bumble Bb.shine™ Spray.)

Add a gorgeous flower hair accessory like Vanessa Hudgens to your style for a fresh and playful look that can be worn day or night.

Vanessa Hudges

Vanessa Hudges


2. chunky braids.


Nicole Richie

Nicole Richie


The chunky braid hair trend can be accomplished in a variety of different forms. The interpretation of this fall hair trend can range from milkmaid-style braids, as seen on Mary-Kate Olson and Sienna Miller, to a double-braid bun style Nicole Richie rocks. Simply adding a thick braid to your everyday ponytail is an easy and effortless way to complete this fall trend.

A day old hair do is the best base for an attractive mess bun. Lift the crown of your hair and spray with a little hairspray. Next, grab a comb to begin back-combing underneath that same section of hair to create body and volume.

Begin adding the braids by separating hair around the face into four large sections. Braid the top two sections first securing the chunky braid against your head just below the crown with two crisscrossing bobby pins. Then braid the bottom two sections into chunky braids and secure the ends just above the nap of your next with two crisscrossing bobby pins.

The final step is to pull the hair back into a ponytail. To create Nicole’s messy bun effect bobby pin the ends of the hair is several sections around the base of the ponytail holder.


3. mermaid waves with side part.

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad

Lauren Conrad has perfected this 1940s inspired hairstyle. Out of all this season’s hair trends, this might be the most complicated to accomplish. Don’t worry, I will walk you through it step-by-step.

Begin by over exaggerating your existing part to make a definite side part like LC’s. Brush through your hair to release any snarls to create a smooth look.

Separate hair into two large sections: everything below your ears and everything above your ears. Secure the top section out of the way so you can work only with the bottom layer of hair.

Grab a two-by-two inch piece of your hair and wrap it around a half-inch barrel curling iron away from your face. Continue all the way around through the bottom layer of hair. Release the top layer and repeat the technique of wrapping the hair around the barrel.

Now that all of your hair is curled, run a large toothcomb through your tresses. Finish the style with a flexible formula hairspray (Try Pantene Pro-V™ Flexible Hold Hairspray) and shine spray (Try Aveda’s Brilliant™ Spray-On Shine–I love everything Aveda!) over the entire look. Avoid using the spray on your roots; you don’t want to look greasy.


4. straight & sleek.

Camilla Belle

Camilla Belle

This classic style is easily accomplished when you have the proper tools. A skinny hair straightener and fine toothcomb will be essential assistants when creating this look.

Protect your hair from the heat with a protective spray. This will really help to maintain the strength and condition of your hair. (Try Frizz Ease Heat Protection Spray.)

Next, separate your hair into two layers, securing the top layer out of the way. Take small sections of hair and run them through your hair straightener. Catch the hair with the fine toothcomb. This will keep from burning your fingers. Comb once through the section and move onto the next piece of hair.

Repeat those two steps until you have finished your entire head of hair.

Seal in the style with one squirt of a shine serum through the bottom three inches of your mane. (Try Aveda Brilliant™ Emollient Finishing Gloss.–obsessed with this product line!!)