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November 12, 2009

11 ways to eliminate split-ends and hair breakage…

August 5, 2009
Eliminate split-ends and breakage with these 11 steps.

Eliminate split-ends and breakage with these 11 steps.

Everyone suffers from split-ends and breakage, but no more! Here is a list of 11 steps to fight split-ends and create soft, silky hair.

1. Do not over shampoo your hair. Many shampoos have detergent ingredients that are meant to clean the hair, but if overused, can strip the hair of its natural oils. These oils create moisture, which deters breakage. Do shampoo every other shower session.

2. Avoid brushing your hair, instead use a large-tooth comb to untangle knots. A brush tends to pull on the hair, which is a major source of breakage. A large-tooth comb is essential. The fine-tooth combs create the same damage that a brush does. Start detangling the ends of your hair and work your way up to the roots to avoid breakage and excessive pulling on your hair.

Start combing at the ends of your hair.

Start combing at the ends of your hair.

3. Try a detangling spray for hard-to-comb-through knots. A detangling spray creates a smooth, slippery surface to run your large-tooth comb through. Knots no more! 

4. Resist the urge to wrap your hair into a turban on top of your had after the shower. The twisting pulls on the hair follicle only encourages breakage and split-ends. Simple rub the towel against your locks to absorb excess moisture. 

5. Put your blow dryer away for the summer. Heat is a huge source of damage to all types of hair. Take every opportunity to let your hair air-dry. Also, start limiting your use of heated styling tools, like curling irons and straighteners. Try using these only two to three times a week, instead of daily. Just rock your hair’s natural texture that all the stars are doing right now! You will see a huge improvement in your hair from just reducing the amount of heat you subject your hair too.

Avoid blow drying hair, instead work with your hair's natural texture

Avoid blow drying hair, instead work with your hair's natural texture.


6. If blow drying your hair is a necessity, try a heat protectant spray to avoid damage. A heat protectant spray creates a shield around each hair follicle, which acts as a barrier between the heat of the dryer and your fragile hair. 

7. You protect your skin from the sun, do the same for your hair. Sunscreen helps prevent your hair from drying out from harmful UV rays. There are many styling product out there with sunscreen infused into the formula (one of my favorite product lines is Aveda Brilliant, especially Brilliant Damage Control–obsessed with Aveda!!). Or make your own hair sunscreen by combining equal parts water and sunscreen into a spray bottle.

use sunscreen to protect locks from UV damage

Use sunscreen to protect hair from UV damage.


8. Maintain your silky, smooth locks by using a shine serum just on the ends of your hair. A shine serum makes your hair easy to comb through while providing a beautiful sheen to your hair. I like to use this after my hair is dry, but before I use any styling products. It keeps my hair healthy and shinny all day long. 

9. This one is a hard one for me to stick to, but reduce or eliminate coloring your hair. I have a serious addiction to changing the color of my hair–everything from red to an accidental black once. Over coloring–from a salon or at home–can seriously damage your hair. There are three ways to tackle this step: first, go cold turkey and just stop coloring your hair; second, use only semi-permanent hair color; if you must use permanent hair color, only color the areas that need it. When getting highlights or a root touch-up have your stylist do just the top three to four inches. 

10. Start using a deep conditioner treatment once a week. There are a million different homemade deep conditioner treatment recipes out there, but I keep it simple–olive oil. I learned this from a friend of mine who has alway had amazing hair!

simple homemade deep conditioner treatment--olive oil

Simple homemade deep conditioner treatment--olive oil.


11. Don’t wait three months or more to cut your hairGet your hair cut every four to six weeks. A hair cut removes all the dry, broken ends that break off and make your hair look dull. 

Try a few or all of these tips and you will begin to see your hair shine, strengthen and be even more gorgeous than before. If you have any other tips to help eliminate split-ends and hair breakage fill us in! Enjoy!