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{10} days of whitney port

December 30, 2009

whitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the citywhitney port hair the cityWhitney Port: a girl always reinventing your hairstyle and look. Never afraid to try a new and different do!

I love Whitney, she has a very romantic-thrifty-classic-glam style. She is sexy and chic walking the red carpet. Or casually pulled together strutting the streets of The City.

What’s your favorite Whitney Port look?


new years eve hair inspiration…

December 30, 2009

new years eve hair ideasnew years eve hair inspirationsparkle shoeszooey deschanel

I love the old Hollywood glamour of the first look! I think that’s how I’m going to do my hair for NYE!!! I can’t wait! I have a light, dusty pink and black sequin dress I will be partying in all night! {don’t you love the sequin shoes I slip in there too}

The half-up do is so girlie sophisticated chic. Adding a little sparkle or feather or flower hair accessory jazzes up any simple black dress. Instantly you are New Years Eve festive!

I love both these styles because you have your hair partically or all the way down, because you can’t truly dance your heart out without your hair flying around on the dance floor…that said…if you pick the Zooey Deschanel style don’t for get the BOBBY PINS ūüôā

Have a happy and safe New Years everyone!!!

my everyday hair routine

December 28, 2009

So when I was doing my “Everyday Hair Routine” YouTube video I got a little side-tracked…haha take a look!

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What’s your everyday hair routine?

Subscribe to my Hair & Beauty Secrets YouTube Channel!!!!

November 12, 2009

I have posted about 4 new videos to YouTube!!!

Check them out and subscribe to my channel learn all my hair and beauty secrets!!

Ultimate Salon Blowout (pt.1)

Ultimate Salon Blowout (pt. 2)

Must Know Static Hair Fix

Instant Oily Hair Remedy for Under $1

must know static hair fix!!!

November 12, 2009

searching for a new salon? four {must knows}

October 6, 2009

Picking a new hair salon can be a difficult undertaking, because there are so many out there. You don’t want to end up with a choppy hair cut, in a dirty, messy salon with hair all over or an overly aggressive stylist trying to convince you into a style you know just isn’t what you want!

Here are a couple of quick things every girl should think about before scheduling an appointment…

1. Recommendations!!!

Find friends you trust and ask them of any salons they would recommend. I would suggest asking a girl that has similar hair as yours and someone who has similar sense of style as you. Style…being how they dress, accessorize and wear their hair. This sounds kind of picky, but someone’s idea of a great hair style could be totally different if they prefer their hair to have blunt ends and you prefer a more natural, effortless look. Be sure to ask why they recommend them and who their stylist was.

If you are new in town look for recommendation on salon’s websites or call the salon and ask if they would provide recommendation contacts you could call/email. If you are feeling really ambitions and gutty, ask a girl who’s hair and sense of style you like where she gets her hair done while getting cup of coffee or shopping at the mall. Start it off like this…”Excuse me, this may sound like a weird questions, but I’m new in town and looking for a new hair salon to get my hair done at and I really like your hair cut and style. What salon do you get your hair done at?”

2. Schooling

Many salon’s have information on their website about what kind of schooling their stylist have gone through. You want to make sure the stylists know what they are doing before they touch you hair! If they don’t have anything on their site, just give them a quick call and they will be more than happy to give you that information. If they don’t give you the info or don’t know…don’t go there!

3. Products

After getting recommendations from my friends, I always like to know what products they use at the salon. I am an Aveda freak!!! I love the smell, the feeling and just the concept behind the brand.

Salon’s that carry specific product brands (i.e. Aveda) usually have to follow certain guidelines for schooling and certification, keeping update on the latest trends and the quality of service they provide.

I always go to Aveda salons because I know usually know what to expect from the salon and the quality of the hair cut I’m going to get. But it does have its drawbacks because they usually cost more to get your hair cut there.

Other good product lines to look for are: Bumble & Bumble, Redken, Matrix, MOP, Nexus

4. Consultation

Ok you have narrowed your search down to a couple of salons, but just can’t pick one yet. This is what you should do. Call them up and ask if you could have a quick sit down consultation with a stylist before you make your official appointment.

Most salons will have no problem doing this and most won’t charge you for the consultation.

If the consultation does cost money, just think of it this way–you may be paying a little more for to find the perfect salon, but your chances are a lot greater that you are going to get the exactly style you are looking for a little extra effort when searching for a salon.

Let me know if this helps you in your salon search or have any other tips!!

{perfect} haircut for your face shape

September 22, 2009

The video is simple, but has great tips for figuring out the perfect haircut for your face shape…check it out

styling tools every girl should own…

August 14, 2009

Here is a basic list of styling tools every girls should have and some recommends of different brands to use:

Round Brush РUsing about a 3-inch diameter round brush while blow drying will give your hair endless volume and bounce. I prefer a the non-bristle round brush. I always seem to tangling my hair up in the bristle brushes. 

How to use: Before blow drying, separate your into three horizontal sections. Begin with the bottom layer {secure the top two with a clip} by taking medium sections and wrapping them around the large round brush. Blast the area with your blow dryer heat, keeping the blow dryer over 5 inches away from the hair for about 10 second. Remove the heat and leave the hair around the brush for about another 10 seconds. Repeat until the section is dry and continue the same technique through your entire head of hair.

Round Hair Brush

Round Hair Brush



Straightener – This handy styling tool can be used to either straighten or curl your hair. A ceramic hair straightener is a must!!!! They sound expensive, but you can find some great straighteners for under $30!

Recommendation: I use Andis 1-inch Ceramic Multi Heat Straightener and I love it!! I bought mine at Wal-Mart.

1" Ceramic Hair Straightener

1" Ceramic Hair Straightener



1-1/4″ Curling Iron – This size curling iron is perfect for all hair lengths and thicknesses. I use this curling iron every time I curl my hair. I gives a nice soft, effortless curl to your locks like Kim Kardashian’s hair.

Recommendation: Sometimes a 1-1/4″ Curling Iron can be a little tricky to find, but believe me they are out there. I use the Satin Finish Ceramic Instant Heat 1-1/4″ Curling Iron (another one under $30!!).

1-1/4" Ceramic Curling Iron

1-1/4" Ceramic Curling Iron



Ionic Blow Dryer with Diffuser Option РThe Ionic style blow dryers are great because they give your hair shine. The diffuser option is an essential part of your blow dryer. A diffuser can be used in so many different ways: you can enhance your natural curl, set pin curls, add lots of volume to your roots or just add overall body to your style. 

Recommendation: ConAir has really affordable and the next best thing to professional grade hair styling tools. I have hooked my whole family on the ConAir Ion Shine 1875 Styler. I love this blow dryer with a passion…kind of weird, I know. I have had the same style hair dryer for the 5 years and will never buy a different blow dryer. It’s quiet and lightweight, which is perfect when you have roommates and easy for traveling.

Ion Shine 1875 ConAir Blow Dryer

ConAir Ion Shine 1875 Blow Dryer

What 1 styling tool can you not live without?