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are you a brunette? hair coloring tips & tricks

December 30, 2009

This is the first video of a series of 3 videos about finding the right hair color for your skin tone, maintenance routine, lifestyle and personality! These videos were so much fun to make. I’m not a professional or anything like that, just a girl who is a little obsessed with coloring my hair!! Seriously I have an addiction!!!

are you a blonde? {coming soon}

are you a redhead? {coming soon}

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no more brassy hair…

August 10, 2009
Your brassy hair weapon!

Your brassy hair weapon!

There is nothing worse !than your blond locks turning a tarnished brassy hue. Your hair looks frail and, well, cheap.

Here is a little trick I learned from InStyle Magazine. Combat your brassy hair by adding a tiny pinch of grape {purple} Kool-Aid into your shampoo bottle and shampoo like normal.

Be sure to only add a small pinch of powder to your shampoo…you don’t want to replace the brass with purple!

What’s your trick to maintain your hair color?