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{geisha pearl} website is officially launched!! I am seriously so excited!

August 3, 2009

Check out and discover Geisha Pearl’s one-of-a-kind hair accessories without the couture price. Add a punch of glam and sophistication to any look. Dress up a pick of denim jeans and tanktop effortlessly with any piece from our exclusive collections. These hair accessories can be worn day or night, casual or formal. Every Geisha Pearl hair accessory comes with a unique and personal fortune tucked inside. Learn your fortune today!

dawn collection.

dawn collection.

My little sister and I started Geisha Pearl earlier the summer and now we officially have a website!! Both of us are really into fashion and creating different hairstyles. Every summer when I am home from college, my sister and I love being “crafty” 🙂 This summer we decided to make a business out of it! We are so excited to share Geisha Pearl with the world!!! Hope you enjoy ❤

My sister and I

girls behind Geisha Pearl