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stay {warm}

January 23, 2010

It’s a chilly Minnesota day. I think I’m going to go shopping & maybe some thrifting. This will be my inspiration.

Clockwise from top left: Ivory military jacket – Topshop, marl grey snood – Topshop, khaki jumper – H&M, hareem trousers – All Saints, pirate boots, Vivienne Westwood; Khaki parka coat – River Island, marl grey snood – as before, grey tunic – Topshop, belt (just seen) – vintage, marl grey knee-high socks – Topshop, khaki bandeau (just seen) – American Apparel, tan platform laced wedges – Topshop; outfit (as before); grey jersey dress (tucked in) – boutique, hareem trousers (as before), tan platform laced wedges (as before).

at home lip scrub for super soft lips

December 10, 2009

Ok so I just moved to northern Minnesota where it is freezing, dry and windy and it feels like my lips are permanently dry and flakey.

Fortunately, I developed an awesome lip scrub using things I already had in my dorm room. So, if you’re like me and don’t have a lip scrub and don’t want to buy one, but your lips are in desperate need for an exfoliator, try my homemade lip scrub recipe.

All you need is chapstick and sugar. First, coat the pad of  your finger with chapstick (Burt’s Bees is my favorite) until you have a thick coat. Then sprinkle sugar on your chapsticked finger and then simply rub it on your lips. You may have to wipe off some of the sugar that sticks to your lips.

My lip scrub is super easy and cheap and you will have super soft, kissable lips! (even in Minnesota winters) :]

What’s your favorite lip scrub???

Subscribe to my Hair & Beauty Secrets YouTube Channel!!!!

November 12, 2009

I have posted about 4 new videos to YouTube!!!

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Ultimate Salon Blowout (pt.1)

Ultimate Salon Blowout (pt. 2)

Must Know Static Hair Fix

Instant Oily Hair Remedy for Under $1

throw away your shampoo…

September 25, 2009

I found this article on Jack and Hill Blog today “I Have Not Washed My Hair in Two Months“…crazy/dirty…I know. But I kept reading, I had to know what the article was about.

Quick summary:

She has curly/frizzy/just plain unruly hair {sound familiar–I suffer from the same hair!} and she decided to go cold turkey and stop shampooing her mane after skimming through a book called Curly Girl waiting in the lobby of her hairdresser’s salon. Instead Curly Girl suggests using a small amount of conditioner and massaging it into your roots to release any dirt and build up. Then condition as usual…{what?!?–I thought the same thing}. She said after no time at all her hair was looking better then ever, easy to handle and compliments were rolling in.

I was sold. I’m starting today, giving up the shampoo! I’ll let you know if this no-shampoo thing really works.

If anyone has ever tried this before let me know how it went for you or if think its a crazy idea???