nicole richie + marie claire uk


Nicole Richie has a look that I love. I get fashion and beauty inspiration when I browse through her looks–from red carpet to beach attire. Here are some shots for her upcoming cover of Marie Claire UK this March. I really love the new brunette do with the soft blush lips and classic black liquid eyeliner.

p.s. I actually just got my haircut just like her’s with the long, chunky bangs and LOVE it! I will post a photo soon so you all can see 🙂

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3 Responses to “nicole richie + marie claire uk”

  1. BagsNShoes2 Says:

    I agree, she looks great. I definitely like the brunette much better than the blonde on her & there aren’t many body types that can pull off that metallic skirt. Great look on her for sure.

  2. sweetscore Says:

    I wouldn’t have even recognized her. She looks fabulous. It is a really cute haircut.

  3. aloha graves Says:

    she looks fabulous i would like to know what kind of eyeliner ( liquid) she uses

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