{zooey deschanel} inspired hairstyle


I love, love, love Zooey Deschanel! She is such a classic beauty and just a cute girl! I’m also in love with (500) DAYS OF SUMMER movie!! It’s probably in my top 5 movie picks! Take a look at the video, try out the hairstyle, and tell me what you think!!

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2 Responses to “{zooey deschanel} inspired hairstyle”

  1. growth hormone Says:

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  2. Loughran Says:

    Here is an honest review of the movie from me. It was simply fantastic and mind blowing. I really loved the tiny glitz and glamor added into the movie. I have never had a thing for romance movies because most of the time, they are not entertaining are usually corny, but after watching 500 days of summer, I have to rethink my statement. Overall, the movie is a must see. I watched it at http://tr.im.com/500summers for those who never caught it in the theaters yet.

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