super simple {back-to-school} hair ideas


How do I fix my alarm-clock-didn’t-go-off, my roommate didn’t wake me up, I stayed out late last night, haven’t shower in a while, didn’t quite finish my homework and my cell phone is dead hair?

Low Chignon {a.k.a. low messy bun}

A super simple and quick way to have presentable hair while walking to class. Part your hair down the middle, pull hair back to the nap of your neck and secure with a ponytail into a messy bun sort of thing. The messy and crazy the hair the better!

Change it up with the Chignon off to the side a beautiful flower hair accessory {check out}

Skinny Headband with High Chignon

Amazing video!!!!! Just another quick hair-do when in you’re in a rush and down want to look like you just pulled your face off the pillow 🙂

Chignon lover or no feelin’ it? Tell me what you think of the hairstyles or let me know what you want to see next? Enjoy!


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4 Responses to “super simple {back-to-school} hair ideas”

  1. fiercebeautyandfashion Says:

    I definitely love the chignon! Its definitely easy to do and very chic!

  2. kittycotten Says:

    I totally agree…actually wearing one right now!

  3. Kathryn Green Says:

    My daughter wears the modern chignon similar to the ones featured here. I am impressed with how professional it looks even when she does not have much time to work with her hair.

  4. kittycotten Says:

    Thats the best part of the look! Perfect on-the-go hair!

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