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GeishaPearl on YouTube :)

September 30, 2009

Just uploaded my first YouTube video check it out…

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September 29, 2009

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Can’t wait to hear from you!

throw away your shampoo…

September 25, 2009

I found this article on Jack and Hill Blog today “I Have Not Washed My Hair in Two Months“…crazy/dirty…I know. But I kept reading, I had to know what the article was about.

Quick summary:

She has curly/frizzy/just plain unruly hair {sound familiar–I suffer from the same hair!} and she decided to go cold turkey and stop shampooing her mane after skimming through a book called Curly Girl waiting in the lobby of her hairdresser’s salon. Instead Curly Girl suggests using a small amount of conditioner and massaging it into your roots to release any dirt and build up. Then condition as usual…{what?!?–I thought the same thing}. She said after no time at all her hair was looking better then ever, easy to handle and compliments were rolling in.

I was sold. I’m starting today, giving up the shampoo! I’ll let you know if this no-shampoo thing really works.

If anyone has ever tried this before let me know how it went for you or if think its a crazy idea???

super simple {back-to-school} hair ideas

September 22, 2009

How do I fix my alarm-clock-didn’t-go-off, my roommate didn’t wake me up, I stayed out late last night, haven’t shower in a while, didn’t quite finish my homework and my cell phone is dead hair?

Low Chignon {a.k.a. low messy bun}

A super simple and quick way to have presentable hair while walking to class. Part your hair down the middle, pull hair back to the nap of your neck and secure with a ponytail into a messy bun sort of thing. The messy and crazy the hair the better!

Change it up with the Chignon off to the side a beautiful flower hair accessory {check out}

Skinny Headband with High Chignon

Amazing video!!!!! Just another quick hair-do when in you’re in a rush and down want to look like you just pulled your face off the pillow 🙂

Chignon lover or no feelin’ it? Tell me what you think of the hairstyles or let me know what you want to see next? Enjoy!

{perfect} haircut for your face shape

September 22, 2009

The video is simple, but has great tips for figuring out the perfect haircut for your face shape…check it out

the new fall hat?

September 22, 2009

Diane Von Furstenberg fall 2009 hat collection…love it or hate it?????

I love the hat, I think it would be super cute with a great pair of skinny black jeans, a light knit sweater with layers and a sexy pair of peep-toe ankle boots. LOVE IT! Ok so the hat isn’t really practical…but who ever said fashion had to practical

So tell me what you think…Heidi Klum style: in or out?

Victoria’s Secret hair…sexy!

September 4, 2009